Letter to Bully

Dear Bully,

Hope you are working on being a better person, and that this letter finds you well. Thought I’d take the time to tell you how you’ve made my life a living ………oh, I’m sure you can spell.
How did I become the object of your daily ire? Now it’s pain-free days from you I desire.
Your hurtful razor-sharp words I still painfully feel. Wounds so deep they’ll take forever to heal.
Scare, taunt, beat me down, that is your goal
Stand up I must, won’t let you have control.
Scare, taunt, beat me down, that is your goal.
Stand up I must, won’t let you destroy my soul.
Hope you take the time to read every painful line of this hurt-filled story I tell Since I took the time to write these agonizing lines of a not so fairytale
The ref’s count is at nine and I’ve made up my mind to stand and fight! Victory’s mine!
I’ll end this letter with a bit of breaking news.
Heroes always win and Dear Bullies always lose!

Response from Bully

I’m sorry…

My parents were fighting and I took it out on you, I now understand that it was the wrong thing to do. I’m sorry for all the hateful words and actions I displayed, I had no useful resources in the mess that was made. My anger should not have been aimed at you, but when I left my home it was only hatred I knew. You were a casualty of my actions and my words, I was going through something despite what you’ve heard.
None of this is an excuse for my razor-sharp use of words, taunts, and jabs; a day in and day out it left you feeling worn out. Exhausted by the fact that I was coming back to break you down again and again. In breaking you, I was breaking me and all the parts I didn’t want to see.
My only hope is that this letter serves to heal your scars, to put back the pieces that were taken too far. I carry with me every day the pain of all my victims who fell prey, so again I will say..sorry. I am working on being a better person and understanding that I hurt when I’m hurt. I’m responding to you, though I know I can’t undo the hurt and pain I’ve caused. Victory IS yours, so I would like to offer a round of applause for showing me how much better the world could be if it was… bully-free!

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